Soap Lake's Healing Waters

Posted: August 1st, 2018

Soap Lake's Healing Waters Improve Woman's Neuropathy

Many people who have experienced Soap Lake's mineral rich waters have seen great improvement in various skin and bone conditions. One of those people is Tina Stark.

Tina suffers from neuropathy, a nerve damage condition that causes tingling or numbness in the hands and feet. Prior to moving to Soap Lake, Tina had weekly visits to the doctor, was on multiple medications, and only experienced short-term relief. Tina and her husband originally moved to Soap Lake for the small-town feel, however, since then, Tina has seen major improvements in her neuropathy and other skin issues.

Every day, Tina visits Soap Lake and rubs the mud on her feet, sits in the sun to let the mud dry, and then rinses off in the lake's mineral-rich waters. Tina is happy to report that Soap Lake has helped reduce the swelling in her feet and loves that it is a natural way to help her condition without medications and steroids.

There truly is something in the water at Soap Lake! Visit our website to hear more stories of healing from Soap Lake locals.