Healing Waters

Dip into the "World's Greatest Mineral Sea" with the Healing Powers of Over 23 Different Minerals

There's Something in the Water

From the earliest days of adventurous pioneers, Soap Lake thrived with a sense of rejuvenation, washing away everyday stress, nourishing the peoples that comprised a rugged and humble community. Today the waters continues to draw thousands from around the world. Those looking for renewal, relaxation, and of course the healing waters.

Skin, circulatory, digestive, and joint problems are most commonly benefited by bathing in the water. Many visitors claim the waters leave their skin soft and aching joints and muscles refreshed.

Mud Baths are one way to enjoy the unique mineral lake. Apply mud over the desired skin and lay in the sun to dry. The mud absorbs moisture, oils, and toxins from the skin area. After the mud dries, rinse off with fresh water if you will be sunbathing. The combination of minerals and ultra-violet rays causes rapid tanning or increased risk of sunburn.

The minerals also create a buoyancy in the water, adding to floatation or swimmers and increasing speeds for water course races. On a windy day the appearance of soap bubbles can be seen on the shores giving the lake its unique name.

You can download a detailed report of Soap Lake's specific mineral content at the link below.

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