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Healing Mud in Soap Lake, WA = RELAXING VACATION!!

Healing mud in Soap Lake, WA = RELAXING VACATION!!

If you get the chance to get to Soap Lake, WA for vacation, DO IT!!

July 16th, 2008

By: SassyMommy
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My husband's Aunt Kathy is a "local celebrity" I like to think, and has created a documentary about Soap Lake's past and the healing quality of the mud and the minerals in the water there. For more information, visit her website, www.soaplakewa.com.

We stayed at her house for our 1st 2 nights there, and then at the Inn at Soap Lake for the next 2 nights. Everything in this town is pretty much within walking distance (a few blocks!!) and it was really relaxing.

Soap Lake is a town rich in history. The town has the lake with the creamy black mud, which smells like sulfer, and minerals in the lake. In the early 1900's people would flock to Soap Lake to take mineral baths and lather up with the thick creamy black mud. Yes, sounds odd, and it does stink, but there is something to this ;-)

You rub the black mud on the part of your body you wish to heal [for me it was my stretch marks :-)], you wait for it to dry and then you rinse it off. It tightens up and firms up your skin.

My daughters had fun playing in the mud as well :-) My 2 year old rubbed it on her arms. She has acne type bumps on her arms and they are GONE after the 2 "applications" she did.

Our hotel had 2 different kinds of water. Regular water for the shower, but Soap Lake mineral water for the bath.

It was really hot. Our hotel has a private beach with lawn chairs and adirondack chairs, a gazebo you can sit under with your lawn chairs and a swinging porch swing type chair, out on the beach. It also had a grassy area for the children to play in, a horse shoe pit and a volleyball net :-) Our hotel room had a sink, mini fridge and coffee maker. You can't get internet service in your room, but I believe there is a computer upstairs in the lobby you can use, or you can go to the coffee shop accross the street and use their Wi-Fi services.

The lake is a great place for the little ones to play. On the banks, I was able to sit in a chair and not worry about them playing in the water in front of me. The water was VERY shallow for about 30 feet out, it was only about 6-8 inches deep. My girls had fun sitting in the kayak and pulling eachother around :-) My hubby kayaked around the lake 3 times, taking the girls with him one at a time, wearing a life vest to be safe :-)

Soap Lake is near a bunch of other lakes and resort areas as well. This area would be FANTASTIC for an RV vacation, or even a camping road trip!! We went up the road a bit, about 20-30 minutes to a really cool park where a lady will meet you there and take you on a guided horse back ride. Ours was one hour. K Diamond K I believe is the name of her business. She rolled up with her big RV/Semi truck, with 8 horses. She said it's pretty rare for a business such as hers to allow little children to ride her horses, or for people to ride in flip flops and tennis shoes! My 6 year old rode her own horse, being guided by her, and my 2 year old was going to ride her own horse and be guided by her and her 4 assistants, but we thought it'd be better for her personality if she rode with my hubby :-) When we were all done with our ride, she had another group pull up and want to ride. These children came straight from playing in the lake in their bikini's and flip flops, or even BARE FEET and rode about 20 minutes. Just a quick trip.

If you drive about an hour, you can go to the Aplets and Cotlets factory and see them make the yummy candy treats and have samples! That was really fun! The town, Cashmere, is really beautiful too. One day we'll walk around that town and do some shopping too :-) Then we headed towards our main destination - Leavenworth WA, Aka, the "Bavarian Village". this town is all decorated in an Oktoberfest-style feel. It's fantastic! All the buildings in this town look in that style! This town is fun to spend a full day in. You never know what you might find in the shops. There is wine tasting, live music accordion players in the town square, ice cream shops, German shoppes, high end decorative art, blown glass, candy stores, toy stores, sport equipments, you can find anything you are interested in!

If you are looking for a fantasticly relaxing vacation, I would highly reccommend this area. Soap Lake WA is highly worth it. Our room was $80 a night. The town is quiet. No hustle and bustle.

If you've ever been to Soap Lake, please let me know!! I'm curious what you think!!