Soap Lake's Mineral Lake Helps Relieve Psoriasis

People are finding natural relief from their rheumatoid arthritis pain, psoriasis, neuropathy and more right here in the healing waters of Soap Lake, Washington -- read their stories below.

Meet John:

John moved to Soap Lake with his daughter from Anchorage, Alaska and has been a resident for the past seven years. Although far from a stranger, his mother had lived here for many years.

Retirement came around the corner and the warmer climate of Soap Lake was one of the reasons he made the big move, but also because he suffers from psoriasis and dry spots. He's spent a lot of time and money on medications, ointments, creams, and doctor visits, but realized that none of it was helping at all. After two months of soaking in the rich minerals of Soap Lake, he noticed a drastic improvement in health. His dry spots diminished, joint pains went away, and even his dandruff disappeared. Many aspects in his life improved since moving to Soap Lake.

The serenity of the lake and warm atmosphere keeps residents like John, content with living in the relaxing community of Soap Lake.