Neuropathy Reduced by Soap Lake's Healing Waters

People are finding natural relief from their rheumatoid arthritis pain, psoriasis, neuropathy and more right here in the healing waters of Soap Lake, Washington -- read their stories below.

Meet Tina:

Tina moved to Soap Lake with her husband for a change of pace, small town atmosphere, and of course, for the healing benefits that Soap Lake possesses.

The neuropathy in her feet make it difficult for her to walk around daily. During the warmer months, Tina follows her Soap Lake routine to a T. Her regular routine includes taking a dip in the lake and covering her feet entirely with the richness of mud. Or, as the locals call it "mudding."

After that, she finds a perfect spot on the beach to sit back and relax while soaking up all the healing benefits. When the mud dries out, she rinses it off and lets the natural healing process do its job.

Her everyday routine has greatly minimized swelling and reduced pain and infections in her feet. She credits Soap Lake with saving her time, money, and energy from all the medications and doctor appointments she had to endure before moving.